PowerMate Gets 10.1.4 Update

Griffin Technology has released an update for PowerMate, bringing it to version 1.1. PowerMate is the device driver designed for the PowerMate programmable USB controller. The update features 10.1.4 support and new "mouse" and "scroll" functions. According to Griffin Technology

Griffin Technology, Inc. has released Version 1.1 of the PowerMate software for OS X. This software is free and available immediately for download.

Version 1.1 quickly addresses new compatibility issues brought about with the recent release of Apple’s OS X 10.1.4. This free upgrade also adds multiple functionality and feature improvements of the Griffin PowerMate - USB multimedia controller.

PowerMate Software version 1.1 for OS X adds several new "mouse" and "scroll" functions to the selectable computer actions. This allows you to add scrolling functionality to an application – even if a key command doesn’t exist for this function. Version 1.1 also adds an adjustable Sensitivity slide bar allowing independent sensitivity settings in each and every unique Application Setting you’ve programmed your PowerMate to have.

You can find more information about the PowerMate update at the Griffin Technology Web site. PowerMate 1.1 is available freeware.