PowerPlant Gets More Juice

Cafederic has released BasePlant 1.0.1. BasePlant is a set of classes for MetroWerks PowerPlant framework. BasePlant allows programmeris to more easily work within the CodeWarrior environment, thus saving application designers time and minimizing programming errors. According to Cafederic:

Cafederic is proud to announce therelease of BasePlant 1.0.1, a collection of more than 200 classes toenhance PowerPlant(TM), the flagship framework from Metrowerks.

Among the new features, you will see:

  • Better support for CodeWarrior 6
  • Now compiles without precompiled headers
  • Support Universal Headers from 3.2 through 3.4b1
  • Corrected a few bugs

Some of its key features include:

  • Data Browser - Do you need a full-featured Finder like a hierarchical data browser, or asimple Appearance Manager savvy list? The BasePlant browser provides allthe features you could ask for a data browser that is as easy to use as thewell known Finder. It supports drag and drop, popup selection, check boxes,and more.
  • Folder Parser - You want to maintain and synchronize a folder hierarchy with its associatedfiles? Better yet, you want to put them in a menu? The Folder Parserclasses will reduce your work to a minimum.
  • AppleScript - Do you want a dynamic Script menu that updates itself whenever a user addsa new script to its hierarchy? Do you want to attach a script to a buttonor a menu item? Here is the solution in just one line of code!
  • AppleEvents - Tired of having to write dozens of lines of code just to send a simpleAppleEvent? Our AppleEvents wrapper makes it as easy as typing just a fewlines of code.
  • Preferences Manager (global and/or per document) - Youid like a simple way to manage user preferences? With the Preferencesclasses, all you have to do is call the "SetItem" and "GetItem" memberfunctions.
  • Starting Point to manage multiple types of document applicationsYou want a starting point like in AppleWorks? BasePlant provides everythingyou need to create one.
  • Window - You want a starting point like in AppleWorks? BasePlant provides everythingyou need to create one.

Carbon Support
The Mac OS X BasePlant will be available, free of charge, before therelease of Mac OS X. BasePlant has been carbonized and tested with Carbonon Mac OS 9.

BasePant is available for US$35 for shareware and freeware developers, and US$149 for "professional" developers. You can find more information at the Cafederic web site.