Power Game Factory Enables the Creation of Side-Scrolling Action Games

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Sawblade Software on Tuesday announced that itis now shipping Power Game Factory, a tool for building side-scrolling 2D action games that hearken back to the days of 8- and 16-bit videogame consoles. The software, which doesnit require users to possess advanced programming skills, features customizable event-based routines, realistic physics, 15 types of objects, QuickTime-based cut scenes, message panes for character dialogue and more.

Power Game Factory, which sells for US$44, comes on a CD that includes a sample project called Greenland Invasion, which users can start modifying right away. The development environment requires Mac OS X v10.2, the same OS required for games created with it. It also requires a G4 800MHz processor, 256MB RAM (games created with it need 512MB to run well), 2GB free hard drive space and a 32MB video card. Sawblade software also recommends the use of image and sound editing applications.

Power Game Factoryis Greenland Invasion

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