Power Mac G5 Pleases Even Hiawatha Bray

The Boston Globeis Hiawatha Bray has never been one to mince words; agree with him or not, he says what he means clearly and succinctly and you have little trouble understanding him. If you are a fan of Mr. Bray and you wonder what he thinks of the Appleis new G5 Power Macs, then you are in for a treat. Mr. Bray has posted a new column titled, Power Mac is pretty on the inside, in which he extolls the power and elegance of the Panther and the new Macis innards while denigrating its aluminum exterior. Even non-Bray fans will find this new column posting a fun read, hereis an excerpt:

In keeping with the columnistis obligation to complain about something, let it be said that the new G5 Power Macintosh from Apple Computer Inc. is ugly. Thatis right, an ugly product from Apple.

The anodized aluminum case is supposed to look sleek and minimalist. Instead, it looks like an aluminum ingot with handles, and badly designed handles at that. Pick the thing up, and the grips cut into your flesh, as if you were holding the business end of a trowel. What were the designers thinking about?

Well, they must have been focused on other things, like building a personal computer so muscular youill wonder what to do with all the horsepower.

Mr. Brayis column is enjoyable so stop by the Boston Globe and read the full article.