Power On Software Announces Now Up-To-Date & Contact For Mac OS X

Power On Software has officially announced a Mac OS X version of Now Up-To-Date & Contact. Now Up-To-Date & Contact is the venerable PIM that was rescued by Power On. The X version will feature parity with version 4.1 for Classic. From Power On Software:

Power On Software, Inc. will be taking the wraps off its new, native Mac OS X version of Now Up-to-Date & Contact® next month. Version 4.1 of the best-selling Macintosh organizer provides unequalled ease of use in contact management and scheduling software. Completely revised to support the latest Mac OS X technologies, Now Up-to-Date & Contact is equally at home in settings ranging from a single user to very large multi-site installations. The new version builds on the enormously popular release of Version 4 earlier this year, and enhances the feature-packed calendar and contact manager with full Mac OS X support.

"Combining the power of UNIX with the simplicity of the Macintosh, Mac OS X is truly the next generation in computing, and its incredible feature set gives developers an unprecedented opportunity to innovate on the Mac," said Ron Okamoto, Appleis vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "Now Up-to-Date & Contact on Mac OS X is a great example of this innovation, and we congratulate Power On for its introduction of an extraordinarily powerful, state-of-the-art application that is as elegant as it is functional."

You can find more information on Now Up-to-Date & Contact at Power Onis Web site. The company will be offering electronic upgrades to the new version for US$49.95. The full version will be priced at US$129.95.