Power On To Announce Breakthrough App At MACWORLD

Power On Software has announced that a new "undo" type application is in development, Rewind. Rewind will work at the system level, allowing users to undo damage caused by software crashes or mistakes. Rewind can assist users that have accidentally deleted or over-written a file, as well as being a life saver in a number of other situations. According to Power On:

Power On Software announced today the development of Rewind™, an amazing and innovative software technology breakthrough. Rewind protects against catastrophes, disasters, and user error that can spell the difference between success or failure, and adulation or humiliation. Rewind, based on several new patent-pending technologies, gets users out of a bind by permitting them to merely click the programis Rewind button. The software then magically transports the user back to the instant before the problem occurred.

Rewind is scheduled to make its world debut at Macworld Expo in New York City on July 19th. Power On Software, will be providing hands-on demonstrations of the new software, in Booth #749 at the Jacob Javits Center. Visitors can stop by and see how Rewind can reverse even the bleakest-looking situations and rescue users from potential tragedy.

Using Rewind merely requires the user to click on the Rewind button. The program then permits the user to return to the moment just before disaster struck. Typical situations where Rewind can come to the rescue include:

  • Accidentally overwriting a file
  • Accidentally deleting a file
  • New application software prevents the computer from booting up
  • A virus has infected the entire machine and the virus was so new that no anti-virus software even knew how to detect it, let alone disinfect it
  • Installation of new System software prevents the computer from operating properly
  • Important data has been lost due to corruption or other means and no backup exists
  • System files have become damaged, the computer wonit start up, and the user doesnit have a System disk
  • Virtually any other situation where the computer software had been operating normally until the fateful moment

Rewindis patent-pending technology remembers ALL the data that has been modified on a useris disks, allowing users to return to previous versions of documents, applications, systems, or even entire disks, with a single click on the Rewind button. And Rewindis breakthrough (and also patent-pending) Emergency Startup Mode allows users to reboot from their hard disk even if they have deleted the entire System Folder!

Pricing will be made available druing MACWORLD. You can find more information at the Power On web site.