Power On Updates Now Up-to-Date & Contact

Power On Software has updated their popular Personal Information Management application, Now Up-to-Date & Contact, to version 4.1. Now Up-to-Date & Contact is a full-featured application that allows users to easily store names and contact information, manage schedules and appointments, and essentially provide one place for all of oneis important information. According to Power On Software:

Slightly more than a month after shipping Now Up-to-Date & Contact version 4.0, a major upgrade to the all-time best-selling Macintosh contact manager and calendar software, Power On has released version 4.0.1. The new release addresses a number of areas that enhance the productis ease of use and performance.

Highlighted in the new release are the following:

  • Added Microsoft Outlook Express, Entourage, and Outlook support in email preferences
  • Improved conversion of files from earlier versions of Now Up-to-Date & Contact to accommodate files with more than 100 keywords
  • Enhanced ease of setup for connecting to servers
  • Templates with merge fields that contain no data are now properly formatted
  • Increased the speed with which QuickFind searches Shared Keywords
  • Enabled user-definable hot key access to QuickContact menu
  • Fixed Word Wrap in calendar Multi-Day and List views
  • Improved printing of predefined calendar formats
  • Added the ability to connect a single client to multiple Public Event Servers residing on a single Macintosh
  • Added an Administrator Scripts folder to the Scripts menu, which includes a new "Merge Categories" script

Now Up-to-Date & Contact is available for US$129. You can find more information at the Power On Software Web site.