Power On's Bob Leeds Guest Stars On MacOS Radio

This weekis version of the MacOS Radio Network will feature Power On Softwareis Bob Leeds. Leeds was on hand at this summeris MACWORLD NY for the announcement of Power Onis life saving utility, Rewind. Mr. Leeds is sure to discuss the present line of Power On products, and hopefully will comment on Power Onis plans for OS X. According to MacOS Radio:

PowerOn Software is a name that practically everyone knows after last summer?s MacWorld Expo, because of one of the coolest products that has ever been available for the Mac, Rewind. Bob will be on discussing this incredible software as well as the other great software that PowerOn offers, like Now Up to Date & Contact and Screen to Screen.

We may also have a guest from the Mac Media community (as yet unannounced) and we will spend a good deal of time discussing the news of the past week, reading listener mail and, as always, talking about OS X.

You can tune into the MacOS Radio Network every Monday at 7:00PM EST. You can also find more information about featured guests, and archieved versions of past shows, at the MacOS Radio web site.