Power On's Rewind In Stores This Week

Power On Software has announced that their highly-anticipated, potentially life-saving utility, Rewind, will be in stores this week. Rewind was first introduced to the world at this past summeris MACWORLD Expo, where it won a Best Of Show award. Rewind promises to minimize the damage done by crashes and accidental data loss by being able to restore the system to a "happy" state before the mishap occured. According to Power On:

Power On Software announced today that Rewind, the most eagerly anticipated utility of the year and winner of the prestigious MacWorld Best of Show Award, is on its way to retail shelves everywhere. Rewind enables users to escape from disasters and mistakes by allowing them to rewind their iMac, iBook, Macintosh desktop computer, or PowerBook to any previous moment in time, when everything was working perfectly. Even without a backup, a single click on the Rewind button permits the user to revert back to earlier versions of files, preferences, and system states, a capability that can often spell the difference between success or failure and adulation or humiliation. Rewind even includes an Emergency Startup Mode that can get a useris machine running instantly even when all other methods have failed. Rewind is a technological breakthrough and is based upon patent-pending technology developed by Power On Software.

Rewind can reverse even the bleakest-looking situations and rescue users from potential tragedy. Typical situations where Rewind can come to the rescue include:

  • Important data has been lost due to corruption or other cause and no backup exists
  • System files have become damaged, the computer wonit start up, and the user doesnit have a System disk
  • An essential file has accidentally been overwritten
  • New application software conflicts prevent the computer from booting
  • A virus has infected the entire machine and the virus was so new that no anti-virus software even knew how to detect it, let alone disinfect it
  • Installation of new System software prevents the computer from operating properly
  • A crash or corruption has destroyed a file that the user has been working on and irreplaceable work is apparently lost forever
  • Virtually any other situation where the computer software had been operating normally until the fateful moment

How Rewind Works
Rewindis patent-pending technology observes and remembers the data that has been modified on a useris disks, allowing users to return to previous versions of documents, applications, systems, or even entire disks, with a single click on the Rewind button. In addition, Rewindis breakthrough (and also patent-pending) Emergency Startup Mode allows users to reboot from their hard disk even if they have deleted or damaged the entire System Folder!

Rewind will be in stores this week and will be available for US$99.95. You can find more information at the Power On Software web site.