Power Technology Introduces The MP3-Connector

Power Technology has announced the MP3-Connector. The new device allows users to listen to all of their computer audio through their home stereo while also maintaining the ability to listen through their computer speakers. According to Power Technology:

The MP3-Connector is a must have for anyone with an MP3 collection who wants to enjoy the full sound of their songs the way they were meant to be heard through a true home stereo. In addition, the MP3-Connector can also be used to make MP3 copies of favorite albums and cassettes.

The MP3-Connector includes a high quality 25 foot stereo cable so that users can easily connect to their home stereos even if they are in a completely different room. PC game enthusiasts will love the MP3-Connector since they can user their PC speakers for game play and the stereo system for MP3 listening.

The MP3-Connector is available for US$19.99. You can find more information at the MP3-Connector Web site.