Powerful Replacement For Stickies And Note Pad Available

Dennis C. De Mars has released the final version of his note taking and organization utility, Pads. Version 1.0 allows users to title individual notes, use styled text, and view multiple pages and notes simultaneously. According to Mr. De Mars;

Pads v1.0 is now available for download. The beta trial is over, this is the official final release. Pads is a simple replacement for the standard Note Pad and Stickies applications.

Pads is as simple to use as either Note Pad or Stickies, yet provides significant new features. Pads gives users the ability to organize your notes and use them more effectively.


  • Notes can be given titles.
  • Notes can be categorized.
  • Pages can be "torn off" so that multiple pages can be viewed at once (like Stickies). These tear-off pages can be closed later without deleting the original notes.
  • Standard Macintosh features such as styled text and drag-and-drop editing are supported.

Pads is available as sharewae for US$15. You can find more information at the Pads web site.