PrePress Consolidated Shipping New Font Utility

PrePress Consolidated Color has released a new app for Mac users, FontCatalog 1.0. FontCatalog is a utility designed for font browsing and management. The app features drag-and-drop font activation and ships with an extensive font database. According to PrePress Consolidated Color:

If you ever face the task of identifying a font from a printed sample, help is on the way.

FontCatalog 1.0, a font browser/manager for Macintosh computers, was released today by PrePress Consolidated Color to aid graphics professionals in finding typefaces quickly. FontCatalog is developed with REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc.

FontCatalog shows your fonts grouped by categories. This makes font searching faster and easier! Youill find a font by design, rather than by name! FontCatalog is also a font management tool. Activate new fonts through a menu or by means of drag-and-drop.

You can find more information about the FontCatalog release at the PrePress Consolidated Color Web site. FontCatalog is available for US$29.95.