Predictions for Apple's Earnings Report

Analysts expect that Apple will report earnings of about 64 cents per share on US$5.17B in revenue, according to MarketWatch on Thursday.

The analysts were surveyed by Thomson Financial.

In the same quarter one year ago, Apple reported US$4.36B in revenue and 47 cents per share earnings. iPods sales were about 8.5M.

"Shaw Wu, an analyst with American Technology Research, said he expects Mac sales to come in at the low end of his sales-range forecasts, largely because of a slight pause in purchases in anticipation of Leopardis release. Wu, who holds a buy rating on Appleis stock, and this week raised his price target on Apple to $145 a share from $118, estimates Apple will report sales of 1.4 million Macs. Such results would still be 26% higher than Appleis Mac sales in the year-ago quarter." the report said.

Mr. Wu set his iPod sales estimate at 10.3M units.

All of these reported numbers, total revenue, earnings, Mac sales and iPod sales represent considerable year-over-year growth, especially the 26% growth in Mac sales.

Appleis financial results will be Webcast April 25th.