PreferenceCommander Controls OS X App Prefs

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Stone Design announced Monday the release of PreferenceCommand, a utility that allows you to view, edit, update, restore, and save sets of preferences for any Mac OS X application. PreferenceCommander effectively brings preference management for multiple applications into one interface, and also allows you to have multiple preference sets that you can adjust according to your task.

"PreferenceCommander is a very useful utility which can add functionality to every Mac OS X application," said Stone Design CEO Andrew Stone in a statement. "Just click a button to restore an application to it’s original preferences - or save and install custom sets of preferences for the task at hand."

PreferenceCommander is priced at US$19, and Stone Design is offering a 14-day trial version. The company is also offering "Free Upgrades For Life" to registered users.

You can find more information about the utility at Stone Designis Web site.

PreferenceCommanderis interface

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