Premiere Supports HDV With New Plug-In

Adobe Systems Incorporated has announced expanded support for the HDV format within Premiere. Using a plug-in for Premiere Pro, users can now import/export the HDV format as found in the recently released Sony HDR-FX1. According to Adobe Systems Incorporated

Adobe Systems Incorporated announced an expansion of its IEEE-1394 support, with the addition of a HDV™ plug-in for Adobe® Premiere® Pro 1.5, its award-winning video editing software.

Adobe is developing the HDV plug-in, available later this year, to work with the next generation of HDV cameras, such as Sonyis HDR-FX1 — also announced today. Using Adobe Premiere Pro, in conjunction with new HDV cameras, video professionals will be able to quickly and easily capture, edit in real-time, and output broadcast-quality high-definition video.

Adobe Premiere Pro supports editing in DV, SD, HD and now HDV formats, giving editors unrivaled flexibility. The real-time editing performance in Adobe Premiere Pro now extends to high-definition video with this new HDV plug-in. Using the same IEEE-1394 (Firewire) connector natively supported in Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, this plug-in provides direct HDV device control and video capture without the need for additional hardware.

You can find more information about the plug-in at the Adobe Systems Incorporated Web site.