PremiumSoft Updates MySQL Studio With Foreign Keys

PremiumSoft has released an update for MySQL Studio, bringing it to version 4.2.5. MySQL is a database toolkit designed for complete MySQL database management. The latest release features support for foreign key confoguration and other enhancements. According to PremiumSoft:

PremiumSoft has just released a new version of MySQL Studio, version 4.2.5.

MySQL Studio is a set of MySQL GUI database management, import/export, backup and monitoring tools for MySQL database systems that offers full control over any MySQL database server as well as displays various administrative information.

It includes a full featured graphical manager for users and access privileges and data transfer from one MySQL server to another, backup and restore of databases, local and remote connections, and more. This GUI Admin Tool comes with a well-edited manual and installation guide.

Whatis new in this version:

The new version supports to configure Foreign Keys and contains many enhancements and refinements to other features.

You can find more information about the MySQL Studio update at the PremiumSoft Web site. The MySQLStudio Boxset is available for US$750.00.