Prerelease Of SysQuake 2 Available

Calerga has announced the prerelease of SysQuake 2. SysQuake is a scientific computation app designed for use by the scientific community for visualization and interactive graphics. The new version has several new features and is optimized for use on OS X. According to Calerga:

Calerga is proud to announce the latest prerelease of SysQuake 2 LE, software for scientific computation and interactive graphics. SysQuake 2 LE runs on Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, and Windows computers. This new prerelease is especially recommended to Mac OS X 10.1 users.

This prerelease, available immediately as a free download, improves further the Matlab-compatible programming language SysQuake is based on; it adds debugging and profiling commands, support for private functions, and more graphical functions.

You can find more information about the SysQuake prerelease at the Calerga Web site. SysQuake 2 single user licence is available for US$1,562.50.