Presenting The G4 CubeQuarium

There are some who would never, ever give up the Apple PowerMac G4 Cube they currently own. They feel that the once famous symbol of Apple ingenuity still retains much, if not all, of its original outer beauty, even if its innards are a bit pokey by todayis hardware standards.

Of course, there are some things you can do to keep your Cubeis insides more up to date; you can swap out the original turtle-pace G4 for speedier upgrades, there are graphic upgrades that can be done, though getting a card that fits may be a chore, and memory and hard drive upgrades are simple and very easy to do.

What do you do, however, if the insides of your Cube is toast? Do you cry uncontrollably, play iTapsi while lowering the Lucite box into a 9"x9" grave, or do you find something useful to do with the shell? If you are like Joe LeBlanc, who fished a dead Cube from a trash heap, you turn that pretty piece of plastic into a fish tank.

Isnit that Gil under the Apple logo?

Joe explains the situation, and the work that went into the creation of his watery masterpiece on his website, where the CubeQuarium is proudly displayed. Hereis what Joe has to say about the occupant of his CubeQuarium:

The tank was complete and I went out with my girlfriend in search of the lucky occupant of these swanky new digs. A few hours later (OK, so we made a stop for some Pho, too) and we returned with a couple pounds of black aquarium rocks, some plastic plants, and a blue-green-red Betta that we named iGili after Appleis former CEO Gil Amelio. The tank is sitting in the livingroom near the couch, with a nice little halogen lamp providing good lighting for it. He seems happy, oblivious to the fact that his fish tank once cost $2k.

Get the complete story, which includes pictures of the steps involved and the finished product, at the G4 CubeQuarium website.