President Of Open Door To Keynote At MacWorld

Open Door Networks Inc. has announced it will he hosting a keynote address at the upcoming MacWorld conference. Helmed by Alan B. Oppenheimer, president of Open Door Networks, the keynote will address the history of Macintosh networking, which coincides with Appleis 20th anniversary. According to Open Door Networks:

Open Door Networks Inc. today announced that its president and founder, Alan B. Oppenheimer, will be delivering the keynote address at the MacIT (Macintosh Information Technology) conference taking place at this yearis MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. The keynote talk, entitled "A History of Macintosh Networking," will also serve as the basis for a new Web site on this timely subject.

"A History of Macintosh Networking" is designed to coincide with the Macis 20th anniversary. It draws upon Alanis 20 years experience developing Macintosh networking products, first for eleven years at Apple Computer and then for nine years at the Macintosh networking company he founded, Open Door Networks.

At Apple, Alan was a co-developer of the AppleTalk network system, a co-author of the book "Inside AppleTalk" and the engineering lead for a number of key networking products, including AppleTalk Phase 2, Apple Remote Access, and the Apple Internet Router.

You can find more information about the keynote at the MacWorld Web site. The talk at Moscone Center in San Francisco will kick off the MacIT conference on January 7, 2004.