Pretzels, Chips And Updates: Snak 4.8.1 Released

Kent Sorensen has released an update for Snak, bringing it to version 4.8.1. Snak is an IRC client app designed to allow users to create internet discussion groups with multiple servers. The update has bug fixes and performance enhancements including OS 10.1 support. According to Ken Sorensen:

Snak is a full featured IRC client with some unique and very useful features.

Version 4.8.1 fixes the bugs that have been found in version 4.8 and includes a number of usability improvements.

Among other things, resume now works properly on OS 9 and OS X for both Binary and MacBinary transfer. The contact list now sorts correctly and is updated on status changes. The width of the nick column in the userlist is remembered across launches. The Enable Ident scripts have been updated to support OS X 10.1. The channel bar buttons shows different color for server and normal messages and have been improved in several other ways. The channel list now has a contextual menu to add channels to favorites etc.

It also improves AppleScript support and includes some useful new scripts for spam filtering and interfacing to iTunes from Snak.

You can find more information about the Snak maintenance update at the Ken Sorensen Web site. Snak 4.8.1 is available for US$20.00.