Preview: The Mini Image Editor

Not everyone has the luxury of owning Adobe Photoshop, but that doesnit mean you canit convert graphic images from one file format to another. Appleis Preview can handle that task for you, and itis already on you Mac. Letis say, for example, a friend sends you a Photoshop document that you really need in JPEG format. Hereis how to convert the file:

    - Use Preview to open the Photoshop image. Look in Applications > Preview to find it.
    - Choose Save As from the File menu.
    - Select the file format you want to convert the image to via the Format pop-up menu.
    - Click the Save button.

Use the Format menu to change your image to a different graphic type.

Preview also has some basic graphic editing tools like Image Correction, Rotate, Flip, and Crop. You can find them under the Tools menu. If you only need a small portion of an image, try using the Crop tool. Hereis how:

    - Click and drag to highlight the part of the image you want to keep.
    - Use the corner and side handles in the highlighted area to fine-tune your selection.
    - Select Tools > Crop to remove the non highlighted portion of the image.

Highlight the part of the image you want to keep, and then choose Tools > Crop.

Sure, the PowerBook and PowerMac G5 come with Graphic Converter, which has all of these image editing tools and more, but the MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini donit. Preview, on the other hand, comes bundled with every Mac, and includes enough basic graphic tools so that even a novice Mac user can be editing images in no time.