PrintBoy Allows Printing Directly From Your Palm

PrintBoy, the package that allows users to print directly from their Palm OS enabled handheld, has been updated to add support for the MiniCalc spreadsheet. Now users of MiniCalc for the Palm OS will be able to easily print their documents. According to Bachmann Software:

Today, Bachmann Software introduced its newest version of PrintBoy, which extends printing support of Palm Powered spreadshee ts to Solutions In Handis popular MiniCalc spreadsheet application. As the first Palm OS software to support spreadsheet printing, PrintBoy Deluxe continues to set the pace for advanced printing functionality from Palm handhelds.

With third party spreadsheet applications now among the most popular Palm OS software products, users are finding that the ability to wirelessly print to infrared printers facilitates the reading and sharing of their work. Just as spreadsheets are routinely printed in the office to more easily view or share with associates, PrintBoy brings the same versatility to MiniCalc users. Whether a profit and loss report, sales statistics or forecast model, handheld computer users are demanding the same level of functionality as they enjoy in their office in terms of features, formulas, layout, and printing.

Earlier this year, Bachmann Software announced support for Cutting Edge Softwareis Quicksheet spreadsheet. With todayis announcement of printing support for MiniCalc users, the company now offers most Palm Powered spreadsheet users wireless printing capabilities.

PrintBoy Deluxe is available for US$34.99. You can find more information at the Bachman Software Web site.