PrintFab Print Driver Now Shipping From ZEDOnet

ZEDOnet GmbH has released a new app for Mac users, PrintFab. PrintFab is a driver utility designed for expanded printing control. The app features full color control and an ink saving system. According to ZEDOnet GmbH:

New PrintFab printer driver suite breaks the limits of standard printer drivers.

PrintFab is a new printer driver suite with dynamic color profiles and RIP functionality. It is designed to break the limits of standard printer drivers. The innovative "dynamic" PrintFab color profiles ensure full control over color mixture and ink consumption combined with perfect print quality on any kind of paper. PrintFab also supports photo paper from other manufacturers, e.g. "Kodak" and "Ilford". Digital photos can be printed realistic, more colorful and brilliant or in economy mode. PrintFab offers even a CMYK proof mode for prepress.

The intelligent ink saving system reduces ink consumption by 25-50% without a noticeable loss in print quality. PrintFab counts every drop of ink and puts the user into control over ink consumption - ink usage can be balanced versus print quality.

You can find more information about the PrintFab release at the PrintFab Web site. PrintFab is available for EUR69.00.