PrintIt! Updated With New Viewing Colors

MacEase has released an update for Print It!, bringing it to version 1.1. Print It! is a printing utility that is designed to allow WYSIWYG printing. The update features improved viewing options. According to MacEase:

MacEase is pleased to announce the release of Print It! 1.1 for OS X.

With Print It!, if you can see it, you can print it -- and a whole lot more! Print It! is amazingly easy to use and never gets in the useris way. And Print It! is fast -- very fast.


  • The default highlight color for users of Panther has been changed from white to light grey
  • A new preference item has been added that lets users who prefer to use a white highlight color change the default color back to white

The reason for this change is that a small number of users reported that
on their monitors it was difficult to see a white highlight color.

You can find more information about the PrintIt! update at the MacEase Web site. The PrintIt! update is free for registered uers, while the full version is available for US$24.95.