Print What You Want From The Web

Mac Ease has released a new version of WebPrint Plus, bringing it to version 5.0. WebPrint Plus is a printing utility that is designed to allow users to print selected bits of information directly from a Web site. The new version has several performance enhancements. According to Mac Ease:

Mac Ease is pleased to announce the release of WebPrint Plus 5.0. WebPrint Plus is an easy-to-use and very highly rated Mac-only utility that provides users with unique, powerful, and customizable tools for gathering, saving, and printing information from almost anywhere -- including both the Internet and programs users normally canit print from!

WebPrint Plus eliminates problems users experience when printing from their web browsers, accelerates printing, saves users money by significantly reducing the amount of ink/toner and paper they use when printing, and provides users with powerful options when gathering, saving, and printing information that are not available elsewhere!


  • Users can now select which font to use when printing
  • Users can now select which point size to use when printing
  • WebPrint Plus remembers and displays the selected font and point size
  • Users can choose to have WebPrint Plus double space both printed and saved selections. (This is very useful for creating room to add multiple written notes to selections.)
  • Users can set the number of characters that fit on a line when double-spacing selections
  • Users can now select the sound WebPrint Plus uses for its alert sound
  • Users can now select the sound WebPrint Plus uses for its confirmation sound
  • Additional enhancements have been made to the code in WebPrint Plus

You can find more information about the new version of WebPrint Pro at the Mac Ease Web site. WebPrint Pro 5.0 is available for US$29.95.