Pro Color Calibration Product Comes To Mac OS X

Imaging Technologies Corporation (ITEC) has announced a Mac OS X release of ColorBlind Edit V5. ColorBlind Edit is ITECis color calibration tool aimed at the publishing and design industries. The product is designed to allow users to tweak color profiles for scanners, printers, and monitors. From ITEC:

ColorBlind Edit V5 is ITECis first Mac OS X offering to the professional color management industry. With so many generic profiles created by device manufacturers and individuals, Edit is the perfect software application to make surgical adjustments to fit the useris specific needs.

ColorBlind Editis powerful tools enable a user to add a personal, artistic touch to digital imagery by modifying ICC profiles. By adjusting the ICC profiles rather than the image itself, ColorBlind Edit increases the consistency and reproducibility of color across all scanners, printers and monitors.

ColorBlind Products

ColorBlind Professional is professional-level ICC profiling software for Mac and PC. It is widely used by color professionals who demand complete control over all aspects of output profiles. The Professional version is bundled with ColorBlind ProveIt!(TM) and ColorBlind Edit to provide a complete ICC solution from scanner to monitor to print.

ColorBlind Matchbox(TM) is an all-in-one ICC compatible color matching solution for Mac or PC. Matchbox includes software for creating ICC profiles of any color device, a colorimeter for creating printer profiles, profile editing and image soft proofing with ColorBlind Edit, Pantone(R), and spot color calibration with ColorBlind Spot. Users are provided all the tools needed for creating and maintaining ICC profiles in one package.

The most requested function of ICC based color management is to get a monitor to simulate what prints. ColorBlind Prove it! calibrates and profiles both LCD and CRT color monitors to provide the connection needed to accurately view the color in the file ProveIt! The network version adds the tools needed to match monitors on workstations through a TCP/IP local network.

ITEC says that ColorBlind Edit V5 for Mac OS X is available now, and is priced at US$495. You can find more information on the products at the companyis Web site.