Pro Import C3 Timeline App Debuts

Automatic Duck has announced the release of its timeline integration software product, Pro Import C3, during this weekis DV Expo East 2004 in New York City.

The application translates Avid or Final Cut Pro editing timelines into Discreetis combustion 3 compositing and visual effects package. It can handle both complex, multilayered shots and simple ones as it imports all user media into combustion 3, allowing you to edit in that application without going back to the source and re-exporting the material. Supported effects are translated and recreated automatically, with timelines recreated as a composition in combustion 3.

Support for common Final Cut Pro effects include, dissolving, opacity, position, rotation, scale, flops and flips, speed changes, freeze frames and composite modes.

Pro Import C3 does not support importing of Appleis AAF file format, but the company told The Mac Observer Wednesday it is working on adding support for AAF in the near future.

Pro Import C3 is priced at US$495.