Pro Tools Plug-In Released From NATIVE INSTRUMENTS

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS has released NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY PTE for use on Macs. NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY PTE is a plug-in for Pro Tools designed as a customizable audio effect app. NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY PTE ships ready for small sound corrections to complete signal transformation. According to NATIVE INSTRUMENTS:

With the release of the NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY PTE, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS expands their PRO TOOLS EDITION with another award-winning product for both RTAS and Digidesignis newly developed HTDM interface.

The NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY PTE is a unique effect based on a realtime Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT). It offers exceptionally great possibilities for creative sound design - from subtle corrections and rich effects to the total transformation of the input signal.

The RTAS and HTDM interfaces seamlessly integrate NATIVE INSTRUMENTS software into Pro Tools without any compromises. The NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY PTE supports total recall of settings, full automation (including ProControl and Control|24 remote control support), and multiple instantiation. Complete support of RTAS and HTDM guarantees maximum comfort and flexibility when using the award-winning NI software in the Pro Tools studio environment.

You can find more information about NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY PTE at the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Web site. NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY PTE is available for US$449.00.