Process Throb Added To Peek-a-Boo

What may be the #1 most requested new feature for any software, Process Throb, has been added to the old-school Mac process monitoring utility, Peek-a-Boo. The new feature joins some bug fixes in version 2.1 of the software.

Peek-a-Boo allows you to easily monitor all of your running processes, your CPU use, and more. This information can be received in chart and graph form, in log-format, etc.

You can see a screen shot of Process Throb at Clarkwood Softwareis Web site. The new feature basically gives you a graphic display of all your processes, and uses OpenGL to make them "throb," according to how much CPU each app is using.

Other changes in the update include some minor bug fixes such as:

  • Process List closing/reopening glitches resolved
  • improved memory usage
  • documentation rework

You can find more information on Peek-a-Book at the Clarkwood Software Web site. The update is free to registered users of version 2.x, and the full version is priced at US$20.