Prosoft Updates NetWare Client With Custom Folder Icon Support

Prosoft Engineering has released an update for NetWare Client, bringing it to version 1.2.2. NetWare Client is a utility designed for the communication between a Mac and a Novell Network. The update features mounting enhancements and bug fixes. According to Prosoft Engineering:

Prosoft Engineering announces the release of the latest version of NetWare Client for Mac OS X.

NetWare® Client for Mac® OS X - IP Edition allows users to authenticate and use NetWare natively using the IP protocol. Built completely from the ground up, this OS X Native client allows your Mac to communicate on your Novell Network with Pure IP eliminating the need to propagate AppleTalk® on your local area network.

Netware Client for Mac OS X from Prosoft Engineering just got easier, faster and more reliable...The new version adds these new features:

  • It is now possible to save a Mount-Root volume as an NDS alias which can then be used to auto-mount the volume during login. Please see the User Guide for more information
  • The Browser now detects unmount failures during logout and subsequently cancels the logout
  • On 10.3 (Panther) systems, volumes will be labeled using the NDS name instead of the NCP/Bindery name whenever possible
  • When in restricted mode, the Browser will clear the last user name used during login
  • Support for custom folder icons
  • Better handling of file names with invalid characters. We now return an error code that lets the Finder ignore these files and finish copying other files
  • Fixed a bug that was causing stale connections to remain open after a logout
  • Fixed a minor bug that would cause some operational feedback to be lost if the Browser window was closed

You can find more information about the NetWare Client update at the Prosoft Engineering Web site. NetWare Client is available starting at US$149.00.