Protective Overlays For Laptops Shipping From Tengu

Tengu Enterprises, L.L.C. is now shipping protective solutions for laptop users. The Klear Advantage is a protective film designed to prevent damage to PowerBooks, iBooks, and TiBooks exterior finishes. Featuring a light layer of adhesive material, the overlays fit right on top of a users laptop. According to Tengu Enterprises:

Tengu Enterprises, LLC has developed Klear Advantage micro thin overlays to protect the palm rest areas on Powerbook G4, iBooks and other laptops sporting silver or metallic finishes from scratches, scrapes, nicks, marks and paint discoloration caused by metal watchbands, bracelets, long fingernails, hand creams, human sweat and the everyday wear and tear laptops are put through.

The overlays are easy to apply and remove and will not damage the finish. They have also been specially coated to be water resistant, temperature resistant and abrasion resistant. The overlays are thin and clear so you donit have to worry about anything taking away from the beautiful look of your Powerbook.

Klear Advantage micro-thin overlays are easy to apply. Just peel off the backing and place the adhesive side onto the palm rest areas of your Powerbook, iBook or any other laptop. Donit worry, the adhesive, it is very light. There is just enough adhesive to hold the overlays in place, but light enough to be removed without damaging the Titanium finish.

You can find more information about the Klear Advantage release at the Tengu Enterprises, L.L.C. Web site. Klear Advantage protective overlays are available for US$27.85 for a one year supply.