Prowl Through Image Files With Ease

Andrew Cunningham has updated his image viewer and management tool, Prowler, to version 2.1.1. Prowler allows users to easily store, sort, and browser through images files. The utility also includes the ability to create slide shows and other special image effects. According to Mr. Cunningham:

Announcing the release of Prowler 2.1.1, an update to Andrew Cunninghamis image browser, image viewer and management tool.

About Prowler Prowler is an image browsing and management tool with an intuitive and stylish interface. Itis features include a full screen browser, advanced slideshow (cross fades and the unique "scribble" function) and powerful image organizational tools (image rotation, copying, renaming). Prowleris aim is to present a collection of images in an attractive way, either for personal browsing, showing off to friends, or presentations.

Prowler supports all file image formats supported by the currently installed version of QuickTime. These include PICT, JPEG, GIF etc.

So whatis so great about Prowler? There are many features that sets Prowler neck and tail ahead of the rest of the pack;

  • Prowleris has a unique and elegant interface; perfect for presentations. No more of those drab gray buttons, lists and popup menus.
  • Powerful image manipulation tools make it a perfect assistant to any aspiring digital photographer.
  • Prowler features a slideshow including all common features as well as several unique features such as alpha fades and scribbling.
  • The ability to create HTML image catalogs.

Whatis new in this version?

  • Fixed a serious bug that would cause Prowler to crash upon startup on systems that do not contain a "Favorites" or "Documents" folder. Thanks to Clare Shumway and Mark Townsend for bringing that to my attention.
  • Now the file list is sorted using MacOS routines as suggested by Henry Borron. This means that by installing the small freeware "Natural Order" the file list will be listed in correct order (ie. "File 20" will come after "File 17")

Prowler is available for US$15. You can find more information at Andrew Cunninghamis Web site.