Public Beta Of Customizable Screensaver Released

Xochi Media Inc., has released a public beta of the screensaver utility, iSceensaver Designer. iScreensaver Designer is a customizable screensaver editor designed to convert Quicktime compatible movies into self-contained screensavers. According to Xochi Media:

Xochi Media Inc., is proud to announce the availability of a public beta test of iScreensaver Designer for Windows and Macintosh.

iScreensaver Designer is the worldis first and only cross-platform screensaver editor. It will convert any QuickTime-compatible movie (including MPEG, MooV, AVI, and Macromedia Flash files) into a self-contained screensaver. The software runs on either Windows or Macintosh, and either version builds screensaver for both platforms.

iScreensaver Designer includes features not found in other screensavers, including:

  • Content Locking : include a "deluxe" movie that is hidden until users enter an unlocking code. Sell these codes on your Website!
  • Interactive Movies: include interactive Flash or QuickTime movies that contain hotspots and buttons.
  • URL links: easily send users back to your Website.
  • Full Branding : give the screensavers your corporate or personal artwork, logos and text.
  • Variety of license options, from non-profit to full commercial use.
  • Graphical screensaver control panel editor: Preview the screensaver for both Macintosh and Windows from the same program.

You can find more information about the public beta release of iScreensaver at the Xochi Media, Inc. Web site. The public beta version of iScreensaver is available free.