Public Beta Of File Utility Released

Rainer Brockerhoff is now shipping a public beta version of XRay. XRay is a file utility designed to be more extensive than the Mac OS "Show Info" function. Third party developers are invited to write program augmenting plug-ins. According to Rainer Brockerhoff:

Rainer Brockerhoff announces the immediate availability of XRay 1.0b7, an update to the award-winning File/Folder information utility for Mac OS X.

XRay offers users a much more detailed view of files, folders, applications and volumes than Mac OS Xis "Show Info" window does. Permissions can be changed without resorting to obscure terminal commands.

This is the last public beta before the 1.0 release. Some new features in this version are:

  • A new integrated file browser makes navigation and checking related files easy
  • Windows can now be reused for drag & drop
  • Help windows can now be printed and are easier to search for keywords
  • The selected panel can now be changed with the PageUp/Down keys
  • User and Group popups are now cached for faster response for users on large networks, and are sorted alphabetically
  • Many bug fixes and user interface enhancements

You can find more information about the public beta version of XRay at the Rainer Brockerhoff Web site. XRay public beta is available freeware.