Public Beta Of HTTP Server Deux Available

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. has released a public beta version of HTTP Server Deux. HTTP Server Deux is a 4th Dimension cross-platform Web server designed for flexibility. HTTP Server Deux works in tandem with other Deep Sky components. According to Deep Sky Technologies:

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the release of the first public beta of HTTP Server Deux for Macintosh and Windows. HTTP Server Deux is a 4th Dimension component which provides a cross-platform, flexible web server. HTTP Server Deux gives 4D developers all of the parsing, formatting, and utility routines needed, smoothly integrated with the TCP Server Deux component, in a small and easily understood component package. HTTP Server Deux works on top of TCP Server Deux, TCP Deux, and BASh and works with Internet ToolKit v2.0.x and Internet ToolKit v2.5.x.

HTTP Server Deux provides complete request parsing functionality. All variants of HTTP requests are parsed automatically by the HTTP Server Deux component. All values within the HTTP request are available to the 4D developer with simple to use accessor routines. Handling of posted arguments, uploaded documents, custom request headers, etc., are all handled properly by the HTTP Server Deux component.

You can find more information about the beta version of HTTP Server Deux at the Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. Web site. The HTTP Server Deux beta is available free.