Public Beta Of InterMapper Available

Dartware, LLC has released a public beta version of InterMapper 3.6. InterMapper is a network monitoring utility designed to alert network managers when problems arise. The beta version has several performance enhancements including remote support and new strip chart options. According to Dartware:

Dartware, LLC announces the first beta-test version of its InterMapper 3.6 network monitoring and alerting software. InterMapper is a MacOS X and Classic application that monitors the servers, routers, switches and other devices on a network as well as the local and wide area links that connect them, and can notify the network manager about problems via audible alerts, e-mail, pages, and cell-phone messages.

New in version 3.6 are the following features:

  • InterMapper Remote support. InterMapper Remote(tm) is a remote viewer application that allows you to see live copies of your InterMapper maps on a machine across the internet
  • Outages window. The new Outages window lists the down & up time of all outages that InterMapper has detected
  • Response time measurements. InterMapper measures response times for devices and displays the measurement in popup windows and in strip charts
  • New strip chart options. You can now add an unlimited number of values to a strip chart to be logged and saved to a text log file. The displayed colors, line styles, and legends can now be customized. In addition, chart data is written to disk and restored it after re-launching. This allows you to save unlimited amounts of strip chart data
  • Background images for each map
  • SNMPv2c and 64-bit Counters: InterMapper now polls SNMPv2c MIB variables for devices that support 64-bit counters. This allows an accurate display of the speed of very high speed interfaces.
  • New Probe Facilities: There is a new probe that tests Simple Network Pager Protocol (SNPP) servers. In addition, Custom SNMP probes can issue Get-Requests (instead of Get-Next-Requests), and disable InterMapperis normal MIB-II queries for devices that donit implement that MIB
  • Separate Log Files. InterMapper can different kinds of log information to separate log files. This allows the network manager to separate the major failure alerts (UP & DOWNs) from Web page access logs, etc.

You can find more information about the beta version of InterMapper at the Dartware, LLC Web site. InterMapper beta is available freeware.