Public Radio Station Sings The Praise of iMac G5

KPCC, a public radio station in Pasadena, CA, has published an editorial/review of Apple and the companyis new iMac G5 by Rich Dean. Mr. Dean extols the design of the iMac, as well as Apple itself, and goes into details on why he thinks more people should consider buying Appleis latest Mac entry. From the piece, which is an audio commentary available in Realis format:

This week, Apple showed why it remains the most vibrant and exciting computer company in the world. [...] The new iMac is design genius, a thin, flat panel monitor with all the guts tucked neatly behind the screen. [...] Set your iPod next to your new iMac, and they look like parent and child, Digital works of art, not something to be hidden in the back room like a Windows PC. [...] This is something youill invite your friends over to see so they too can marvel at its tiny volume and sleek design.

Also of note, Mr. Dean mentions TMOis Apple Death Knell Counter in his introduction, though without the handy-dandy convenience of a URL or a specific mention of The Mac Observer. Other topics covered include the MHz Myth, the value of not being subject to Windows viruses, and more.

On a closing note, Mr. Dean says that his original Mac is still running in a day care facility 12 years after bought it.

You can download and listen to the commentary from KPCCis Web site. Thanks to Observer Marc Posner for the heads up on the piece.