Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Author Writes Exclusively On A Mac

Micheal Chabon, from Pulitzer Prize winning novels to screenplays, is a Mac user through and through. Appleis Hot News section is featuring an aritcle by Joe Cellini in which the Pulitzer Prize winning author, Micheal Chabon, talks about how the Mac fits into his craft. From the article:

... Somewhat less obvious is that Chabon writes his perfect sentences-from the final draft of his best-selling first novel, "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" (1988), to his Pulitzer Prize-winning "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Klay: A Novel" (2000)-exclusively on Macintosh computers. Chabonis chief extravagance after winning the prize was a new Titanium PowerBook G4, now his primary writing tool.

Mr. Chabon has been a Mac user since 1987, the article explains, and believes that Mac is the best tool for the job, whether the job be writing novels or building Web sites. Mr. Chabon says of his Mac:

"My computer encourages me to write better because it makes it so much easier to write. I take more time over my sentences, and thereis no such thing as taking too much time with your language."

Stop by Appleis Hot News section and check out the article. Itis a good read.