PulpMotion Updated to Version 1.2

Aquafadas announced on Monday the release of PulpMotion version 1.2. The new version has new soundtrack options for playback, greatly increased performance in the media manager, the ability to export an animation as a screensaver and more.

In addition, the user can now use an external camera or microphone to record live themes, and the program now handles images that contain rotation data in the metadata.

PulpMotion Sample Theme

PulpMotion allows the user to generate simple and easy animations using themes, and the useris pictures, video and music. The animations produced with PulpMotion can be emailed through an interactive postcard, loaded onto an iPod, used as a personalized screensaver, exported as high quality QuickTime movies, or published to a Website using iWeb.

PulpMotion exploits the newest graphics technology introduced in Tiger (Quartz Composer) and requires at least Mac OS X 10.4.4. It requires a Mac with a Quartz Extreme compatible graphics card. 512 MB or RAM is required and 1 GB is recommended. A video that showcases the ability of PulpMotion has been posted.

PulpMotion 1.2 is priced at US$45.00 or ?37.50 for a single user license.