Put Your Quicksilver PowerMac G4 Guts Into A Rack Mount Chassis

The good folks at Marathon Computer have released a new chassis designed to hold the guts of your Quicksilver PowerMac G4 so that you can then mount it on a rack. Rack mounts are often used for servers and by bands and other kinds of entertainment whilst on the road. Marathonis PowerRack G series makes it a lot easier to work with a Mac in that sort of environment. According to Marathon:

Marathon Computer, Inc., is now shipping the QuickSilver model of the PowerRack G Series, a rackmount chassis created exclusively for the Apple QuickSilver Power Mac G4.

The PowerRack G Series houses the Power Mac components in a secure, durable chassis that easily fits into industry-standard 19" racks. The chassis occupies only 4U of rack space, and at only 18" deep, neatly fits all computer cabinetry.

The PowerRack G Series fits a wide range of installations where desktop plastic cases just donit cut the mustard: server rooms, mobile systems, scientific/laboratory, studios, AV presentations, aerospace, industrial, and other tough environments. Augment a PowerRack with telescoping slide rails, keyboard drawer, and a monitor enclosure from Marathon, and the office can go on the road. Every component will stay secure and ventilated during even the longest workouts.

PowerRack G Series, PRGQ model features include:

  • Pre-wired, durable enclosure for the Apple Power Mac QuickSilver G4 with 733, 867, and dual 800MHz processors
  • Support for up to five drives in shock-mounted cage (two 5.25" front accessible, one 3.5" front accessible, and two 3.5" internal)
  • All metal construction
  • Superior ventilation
  • 4U tall for standard 19" rack
  • Front-rail mounting
  • Optional Telescoping Slide Rails for racks with front and rear rails - Completely illustrated manual for easy installation
  • Outstanding customer service backed by a super warranty

You can get more information on the new rack mount chassis at Marathonis Web site. The units are priced at US$599.