Puts Some iCandles On That iBirthday Update

EZPZapps has released an update for iBirthday, bringing it to version 1.3. iBirthday is an automatic birthday and event reminder designed with built in email greetings. The update features date calculations and an "Important Days" function. According to EZPZapps:

EZPZapps has announced an update to their popular software application, iBirthday.

iBirthday is a personal desktop application which reminds the user of birthdays and other special events. The user can set how and when they wish to be reminded in several ways.

The built-in email capability enables one to write messages in advance so that all one has to do isi click and sendi on the
appropriate day. This facility makes iBirthday very useful for small businesses to send personal greeting to their clients on the correct date.

New in iBirthday 1.3 is calculation of age, year field, calculate and display the number of days until an event, and an issue concerning the choosing of custom sounds was fixed.

iBirthday 1.3 also adds code which will enable the use of the new, free "Important Days" feature which EZPZapps is releasing. The first release of this free feature for iBirthdays users will be the iGeneral Roman Calendar of Saintsi.

You can find more information about the iBirthday update at the EZPZapps Web site. iBirthday is available for US$15.00.