Putting Your Mac in the Halloween Mood

Not everything about your Mac needs to be business or iPod related - Sometimes itis about using your computer to get into the the holiday spirit. Speaking of spirit, itis almost Halloween, so here are a couple of Web sites you can visit to help get your Mac into the trick io treating mood on the cheap.

Iconfactory The Iconfactory is a great Web site for custom icons, and you can always find a long list of holiday-relating choices. Since itis nearly the witching hour, here are a few options to choose from. You can also find links to Halloween Desktop pictures and a special Halloween Black Cat QuickPix icon. The Iconfactory has tons of free professional quality icons available for your personal use.

A few of Iconfactoryis Halloween icons.

RavensBlight After you finish decking out your Desktop, why not deck out you desk? The Toyshop at RavensBlight includes a devilishly wonderful collection of free haunted paper toys you can build yourself. Choose from Deluxe Coffin Boxes, a zombie mask, a mechanical bat, a dancing skeleton marionette, a hidden cemetery, and more. Each toy comes in Adobe PDF format and includes instructions and full-color cutouts.

What could be better than your own haunted cemetery?

If you have your own favorite Web site to help get your Mac or workplace into the Halloween mood, feel free to share it in the comments.

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