QSys Software Updates PictureSnooper With Improved Decoding

QSys Software has released an update for PictureSnooper, bringing it to version 0.9b. PictureSnooper is a utility designed for automated binary file downloading. The update features improved decoding and new graphics. According to QSys Software:

QSys Software Is Pleased To Announce The Availability Of PictureSnooper Personal Edition Version 0.9b.

PictureSnooper is an Application that Searches UseNet NewsGroups for binary files, while you are having dinner, at the movies, or even sleeping. These binary files are usually pictures (and sometimes executables and HTML files). After finding a binary file, PictureSnooperX downloads the file, decodes that file, and saves that file to the directory of your choice for later viewing.

This Version Adds Many New Exciting Features Including Unix Sockets (For Internet Connections), Unix Threads (Better Window Response), PAR and PAR2 Decoding (Along With Improved RAR Decoding), Automatic MPEG4 encoding of DivX, VCD, etc., And All New Graphics Using MacOS Native Cocoa.

You can find more information about PictureSnooper update at the QSys Software Web site. PictureSnooper upgrades are available for US$5.00, while the full version is available for US$45.00.