Every week, Vern Seward takes a look at Appleis latest offerings at the QuickTime Trailer site, letting your know whatis new.

Ever notice how many movies today give you an acronym or initials along with the title? Itis like it is too much of a bother to say League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, or we donit have enough time to say X-Men 2 or Terminator 3. Movies have to have catchy initials; LXG, X2, and T3.

Itis curious that they went with LXG instead of LEG for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Maybe they didnit want movie reviewers making leg jokes about the movie; "LEG Kicks Box Office Butt," or "This Movie is so Bad, it doesnit have a LEG to stand on." You get the picture.

Movies with initials are usually action movies, youill hardly ever find a drama like Till Human Voice Wake Us being called THVWU. You canit even pronounce it much less remember it. Imagine using those initial in a conversation;

"Yo, Dude! I just got outta the movies, man!"

"Yeah? Whatcha see?"

"THVWU, and man did I cry!"

"Awesome! I heard THVWU rocked. Iim gonna see if Slick and the boys want to go see it Saturday."

"(Sniff!) Yeah, man. THVWU was absolutely slammin! It still affects me in a personal way. Ya know?(sniff!)"

"Iim withca, Dude. Iim witcha. Here, take a Kleenex."

See? It is just not happening with dramas. Now take a cool action movie like The Matrix: Reloaded, and give it some cool initials; M2:R, maybe MR-2. (It doesnit really matter where the letters appear after the first one, as long as itis in there. Hey, I donit make the rules!) Now, youive a decent conversation:

"Sup, gurl?"

"Notta thang, icept that kicking flick, Mista-2."

"Heard Mista-2 rocked your world."

"Word! Had me hurtini. And Neo? Had my gates opened."

"I feel ya, I feel ya. Gonna check it in the PM. Gots ta get me some Morpheus. Brotha is lightini up the board."

Now, thatis more like it! Notice how MR-2 became "Mister-2" because the initials became a pronounceable acronym.

So, the rule is; initials for action movies; yes. Initials for dramas; no.

Not much new out on the Apple QuickTime Movie Trailer Site. Stuck On You is a comedy with Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear playing Dumb and Dumber-like characters who are stuck together at the hip. Very strange.

Thereis a new trailer for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG) but if youive gone to see X2 then youive seen the trailer already.

Thatis pretty much it for this week. If you havenit already, make sure you download and watch the last free installment of the AniMatrix short movies: The Second Renaissance Part II. Good stuff.