QTVR Sound Tool Updated

Squamish Media Group has released a new version of SoundSaVR. Version 2.0 allows QuickTime VR authors to embed directional stereo sound in QTVR panoramas. The new version also fully supports QuickTime 4 and the popular MP3 audio format. According to Squamish Media Group:

Squamish Media Group Inc., has released a major upgrade to their popular wired sprite tool which allows the embedding of directional stereo sound in QuickTime VR panoramas. SoundSaVR 2.0 has several new features that distinguish it from earlier versions, including a full preview mode that provides instant feedback and adjustment of sound placement, volume, angle, and other parameters on a node by node basis.

SoundSaVR 2.0 supports the new QuickTime 4 features such as MP3 audio and RTSP streams, as well as all sound file formats supported in QT 3 and 4. And in addition to supporting high FOV panoramas to accommodate future versions of QuickTime, SoundSaVR 2.0 now supports the new QuickTime VR file format announced at the Apple WorldWide Developer Conference, which provides support for cubic 360 x 360 degree panoramas.

SoundSaVR 2.0 lets you easily assign multiple sounds to each node, set the direction and volume of each sound individually, or make the sound ambient on selected nodes. Each node can be optionally set to auto play and sounds can be continuously looped, or looped with random length delays. You can now adjust the vertical sound fall off for more flexibility, and there are no longer any tile requirements.

SoundSaVR is available for US$199. You can find more information at the Squamish Media Group web site.