QT Boot Camp: QuickTime Descends On Germany

Europe will enjoy its first QuickTime authoring conference this June when QT Boot Camp begins in Rhine, Germany. Learn how to use QuickTime for more than streaming video. According to QT Boot Campis official literature, youill be able to find:

First-class Speakers and Comprehensive Solutions

David Gratton and Gui Iacino from ici media inc., Vancouver/Canada, Mike Matson from England, Tilman Hampl and Michael Vogt from Germany, Christophe Lenaerts and Ian Mantripp from Belgium and further top speakers will guarantee concentrated know-how transfer and a lot of new experiences. To experience so many top QuickTime experts in one place, interested European QuickTime users have so far had to undertake the long journey to "QuickTime Life" in Los Angeles.

Interesting Information and Practice-orientated Training

At the QT Boot Camp, showcase sessions demonstrate the wide range of possibilities for using QuickTime Media. Using actual orders, these demonstrations show how QuickTimeis track-based architecture is able to integrate the most diverse kinds of media, such as streaming video, digital pictures of all kinds of format, flash files and QuickTime VR Panoramas, into interactive QuickTime Movies and distribute them via the internet and CD-ROM.

The showcases give an impression of the current range of applications for QuickTime. Direct contact to the authors enables a quick exchange of knowledge. In addition to this, there is an overview of how web offers can be made more attractive using the widespread QuickTime technology.Training sessions on the subjects of interactive QuickTime Media, QuickTime and Video with intensive workshops on Data Compression, QuickTime Streaming, iShell and QuickTime VR offer both beginners and experienced users new insights into the broad range of possibilities QuickTime Multimedia Architecture has to offer.

You can find more information and register online or call Dockter Marketing on Tel. 49-221 / 91 29 4 05. Register before May 10 for discounted rates.