Qilan Update From Common Ground

Common Ground has released an update for Qilan, bringing it to version 2.5. Qilan is a Web based data server designed for online data transfering and storage. The update features new data arrays and dictionaries, and an improved MS SQL Server adapter. According to Common Ground:

CommonGround Softworks Inc. today announces the upgrade of the Web-based data server and access environment Qilan to version 2.5.

This upgrade enhances functionality, boosts processing speed for repetitive tasks, improves stability and lays the groundwork for future releases.

Qilan provides a powerful tool for Web developers seeking to overcome the limitations of existing products, who seek to integrate, migrate or scale upward from existing Web projects. Web pages can be built using your favorite HTML authoring environment, then imported into Qilan. The Qilan graphic environment allows for complex Web based projects without "coding". Web hosting providers wishing to harness the power of OS X can use Tenon Intersystems iTools 6.5 with Qilan 2.5 to provide secure eCommerce and commercial quality content delivery.

Qilan 2.5 adds the ability to create data arrays and dictionaries directly on the Web server. After intial data retrieval from a SQL database, subsequent data retrievals can use local arrays and dictionaries. This shortcut greatly improves performance and flexibility.

New features include:

  • Data Arrays and Dictionaries
  • New operators to support manipulation of arrays and dictionaries
  • Improved MS SQL Server adapter
  • HTML page processing has been completely revised

You can find more information about the Qilan update at the Common Ground Web site. Qilan 2.5 is available for US$995.00.