Quake 3 Updated, id Developer Offers Brief Comments On Build & OS X

Graeme Devine of Id Software has announced the Mac build of Quake 3 1.27h in his .plan. Quake 3 has enjoyed a loyal and fervent Mac following since its release and this latest patch, which greatly improves the game in some necessary areas. With the recent release of Quake 3: Team Arena, the highly anticipated team play expansion pack which fixes what was missing in the original release, Quake 3 has been given a fresh start. If you havenit played in some time, it is definitely worth taking a fresh look at.

Here is what Graeme Devine says in his http://www.bluesnews.com/plans/279/ ">.plan regarding the Patch:

I love how iDisk is integrated into OS X!!

Whatis done. This is using the new Metrowerks compiler which seems excellent. It should run as well as or better than previous builds.

Whatis not done. The sound code is still taking up more CPU time than it should, this is a Quake code issue Iill resolve quickly.

Whatis not there. The AltiVec enhanced version and the OS X build. Iive not had time yet to build those and update them. The OS X work done for the keynote address demo in Tokyo pulls directly across to the OS X Q3A build, so it should be very straightforward.

To Download the patch go to Graeme Devineis Mac Homepage.