Quake 4 Demo Now Available

Aspyr on Friday released a free demo for Quake 4. The game picks up where Quake II left off (Quake III Arena was focused on online multiplayer action), placing gamers in the role of Matthew Kane, who fights the Strogg on their home planet. The demo presents the introduction portion of the single player game, where Matthew Kane battles with Rhino Squad to clear a landing zone for the main Earth forces.

The demo can be downloaded from the MacGameFiles Web site. Pricing for the full game is US$49.99. Quake 4 requires Mac OS X v10.3.9, a G4, G5 or Intel 1.67GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 3GB hard drive space, 64MB Video RAM, and a DVD drive. Aspyr recommends Mac OS X v10.4.4, a G5 or Intel 2GHz processor, and 128MB Video RAM. A broadband connection is required for online play, but the game unfortunately doesnit support GameSpy, which helps players easily find servers to join.