QuarkXpress Extension Update

Metadobe Software GmbH has released a new version of ParaPalette, bringing it to version 2.0. ParaPalette is a QuarkXPress extension designed to allow users the ability to modify paragraph settings through a palette window. The new version supports Metadobe Toolbox and hot key short cuts. According to Metadobe Software GmbH:

The free QuarkXPress extension ParaPalette produced by Metadobe Software GmbH is now available as release version 2.0.

ParaPalette 2.0 is a completely redone release of the so far available version ParaPalette 1.2. The software has been completely reprogrammed for QuarkXPress 4 and 5, the well-tried feature set has not been changed.

ParaPalette 2.0 now supports Metadobe Toolbox and offers a keyboard shortcut to activate its palette window this way. The online help and the documentation are available in English and German now.

ParaPalette enables the user to modify the most important paragraph format settings in QuarkXPress via a compact palette window. ParaPalette 2.0 requires at least QuarkXPress 4.03, for earlier versions of QuarkXPress the previous release ParaPalette 1.2 is still available. The software is free of charge.

You can find more information about the new version of ParaPalette at the Metadobe Software GmbH Web site. ParaPalette 2.0 is available free.